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Wild flowers next to Garden hideaway Potted History text

Worked for many years in various occupations before settling on Office Interior Design but now I have reached the grand old age of retirement I have  moved to the beautiful Highlands of Scotland.

Recently I’ve taken up photography in a very relaxed manner (not knowing much other than point and shoot), these images are mainly aimed as wallpaper for digital screens as the main downloadable images are 1920 x 1080 pixels.

All images shown within this web site are photo’s taken by myself in the local area and are free for all who download them.

Methodology Text

Well, I have none - If I happen to have a camera and I see something interesting and the light is good, that’s good enough for me.

However most times I forget to have a camera with me (I said I was relaxed about photography) and of course that is when the best shots seem to present themselves, at other times it is when driving and there is no place to park or I am going to fast to stop safely.

So number one rule - keep your camera handy and have spare batteries with you.

What was supposed to be relaxing has now become a different source of aggravation as the bug of photography sinks it teeth into me.

Cliff Astrand- pic
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- Fujifilm - Finepix HS20exr

- Canon - PowerShot S50

Line Line

- Serif WebPlus X6

- Serif PhotoPlus X5 (linked to Serif)

- Imagina (linked)

- Photo Pos Pro (linked)

- BenVista PhotoZoom5 Pro (linked)

Camera's text Software used Text
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